Square One Pathways

There is a unique path for every individual.

We are here to help you discover it.

Find your fit in today’s job market.

Our education system–from preschool to college–has not prepared students to successfully navigate the transforming marketplace.

Technological advances have resulted in millions of jobs disappearing while millions of new jobs are being created.

Lifelong learning programs are emerging that provide in-demand skills training and the ability to explore opportunities being created in this new economy.

Our Mission

We work with teens and young adults to find the shortest term, least expensive way for them to explore their potential pathway, based on their interests, abilities, and values. Depending on the field of interest, a college degree may or may not be necessary.

Square One Pathways is about the journey,

not the destination.

Ultimately, we seek to support the health and well-being of our clients by affirming their worthiness, helping them identify a meaningful field of work and encouraging them to connect with others to build their network.

Find Your Path to Success!

Watch one of our favorites:

Success in the New Economy

from Brian Y. Marsh on Vimeo.